Sophisticated structural solutions

Across project type, we engineer dynamic solutions for the built environment.

Structural Engineering

Onyx Design and Consulting provides a wide breadth of structural design and engineering services. We are licensed to perform structural engineering throughout the eastern coast of the United States, and can easily become licensed in other states as needed. 

Our structural engineering services are performance-driven, innovative and technically-savvy. We understand how to elegantly integrate the structure with the architectural design, building function and other building systems. 
Our structural designs are tailored to each project in order to deliver superior solutions that align with client requirements and exceed expectations.

From new structures to existing buildings to special projects, we enjoy working on projects both large and small and tackling complex structural problems.  

As an early adopter in the transition to a 3D model-based approach to design and construction, we utilize Building Information Modeling (BIM) on our projects in order to streamline efficiencies and enable greater collaboration throughout the entire building process. 

Building Information Modeling

At Onyx, we have been incorporating BIM into every project for more than 10 years – since it was barely a buzzword.  We utilize a full suite of BIM tools and software—including Autodesk Revit® Software and Tekla® Structures Software—for government agencies, architectural firms, engineering consultants, building owners, general contractors, trade or subcontractors, and facility managers. We have modeled and incorporated our structural design in hundreds of buildings, modeled existing buildings for clients, and provided modeling services to trade partners who are being required to include BIM on their projects. 

BIM allows us to more effectively communicate with clients, our designer partners, and the contractors that build the structures. Incorporating BIM enables the entire project team to visualize the entirety of the project and the different elements involved, establishing an explicitly clear design intent and understanding of the final building product.

Onyx is committed to using BIM in an impactful way, promoting real time collaboration and BIM allows for seamless communication between project partners and understanding of project pressures and parameters. 

Laser Scanning

Our industry is driven by data and laser scanning gives us an efficient and effective tool for collecting precise information. Capturing as-built measurements takes the guesswork out of working on existing buildings and structures. Laser scanning allows us to build a highly accurate and precise 3D model, rather than approximate, saving both time and money for our clients in the process. The data provided from laser scanning can be utilized to support analysis, design and even prefabrication as well as for space planning, design options, circulation planning, layout, and BIM model development,

From facility managers and engineers to general contractors and architects, we work with our clients as a strategic partner to offer support and collaboration on a variety of project types. Laser scanning can also be used to validate construction progress, quality assurance, constructability and as-built models. 

Special Inspections

As part of the process of constructing a building, inspection of the structure provides certainty that the project was correctly built and is code-compliant. These inspections provide needed assurance both for the owner regarding the structural integrity, as well as the builder, who can rely on independent verification that they fulfilled their obligation to their client. As structural engineers, Onyx is uniquely positioned to provide these special inspection services with our detailed and extensive knowledge of all building systems and structures.

Forensic Engineering

Our forensic work ranges from structural adequacy assessments of historic or aged structures, failure investigations, expert witness testimony, and even the garden variety “Is that crack in my wall something to worry about?” 

While we enjoy designing and detailing buildings, our experience with multiple building types and structural systems means we can answer your questions relating to your building’s structure. Our team uses technically sound and comprehensive engineering and design methodologies and standards to reach findings and solutions. We enjoy the challenge of providing answers about feasibility, building additions, explaining undesirable building shifting or movement, and determining the cause of any structural failures. 

At Onyx, we can determine whether existing buildings and other structures conform to building code, safety and accessibility standards as well as analyze the extent of any damage, if the building is safe for continued use, scope of repair and design repairs if needed.

Steel Connections

Our staff has provided connection engineering services for more than 10 years on projects as large as 7,000 tons. We’ve developed in-house AISC-compliant steel design software that enables us to provide engineering services efficiently and cost effectively while incorporating your shop preferences. We speak the language, and can take unbuildable situations and turn them into projects everyone on the team is happy with. 

Our team produces clean and organized submittal packages in tabular format with standard Word document sample calculations that can be sent ahead of time to accelerate the approval process. We also generate concise and easy-to-follow “detailer packages” that contain all of the information needed. Our team holds professional licenses in over a dozen states, and maintains NCEES records for connection design engineers to become licensed quickly if required. 

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